Schedule of Events — Champion Brass

Solo & Ensemble Events

Wednesday 19 April

Te Whaea Hall 1      Theatre

10.30am       Percussion Under 15, Junior & Open
 1.00pm        Open Ensemble A
2.30pm         Open Ensemble B & C
5.00pm         Junior Champion of Champions
8.00pm         Invitation Slow Melody

Te Whaea Hall 2      Drama One  

10.30am      Junior Bass
11.30am       Junior Euphonium
12.30pm      Junior Trombone
2.00pm       Masters

Te Whaea Hall 3      Drama two  

10.30am       Junior Cornet

1.30pm         Junior Horn (Flugel, Tenor Horn & Baritone)

3.45pm         Open Slow Melody

Te Whaea Hall 4      Drama three     

10.30am       Open Duet

2.00pm         Under 15 Group 1 (Cornets)
3.00pm         Under 15 Group 2 (Other Instruments)


Te Whaea Foyer            

7.00pm         Welcome function

Thursday 20 April

Te Whaea Hall 1Theatre

10.00am       Open Eb Bass

12.00pm       Open BBb Bass
1.30pm         Open Euphonium
7.30pm         Open Champion of Champions

Te Whaea Hall 2Drama One   

9.30am         Open Tenor Trombone

11.30am       Championship Cornet
2.00pm       Open Soprano Cornet
5.30pm        Logistics Meeting

Te Whaea Hall 3      Drama Two

9.30 am Open Amateur Cornet
1.00pm Open Baritone
2.00pm Open Bass Trombone

Te Whaea Hall 4      Drama Three

9.30am   Open Flugel Horn
11.00am Open Tenor Horn
12.30pm Open Own Choice
1.45pm Junior Duet & Junior Ensemble A


Band Events

Friday 21 April

Michael Fowler Centre

8.30am B Grade Sacred Item and Test Selection

5.00pm A Grade Sacred Item and Test Selection


1.30pm Parade of Bands - D/Y, C, A, B Grades

The Opera House

3.00pm Youth Grade Contest & C Grade Sacred Item and Test Selection

Saturday 22 April

Michael Fowler Centre

9.00am B Grade Own Choice Selection

5.00pm A Grade Own Choice Selection

The Opera House

1.00pm C Grade Own Choice Selection

Sunday 23 April

West Plaza Hotel

10.30am FREE workshop with Nigel Seaman

The Opera House

2.00pm Champion Brass: In Concert