Band events - C Grade — Champion Brass


sacred item (ron fenton memorial cup)

Levin & Districts Brass 43 (=3rd)

Nelson City Brass 46.5 (1st)

Tauranga City Brass 43 (=3rd)

Te Awamutu Brass 42.5

Upper Hutt Brass 41.5

Woolston Concert Brass 44 (2nd)


test selection (rosetown cup)

Levin & Districts Brass 85

Nelson City Brass 93 (1st)

Tauranga City Brass 87 (3rd)

Te Awamutu Brass 86

Upper Hutt Brass 81

Woolston Concert Brass 89 (2nd)


own choice selection (tom taylor memorial shield)

Levin & Districts Brass 88 (=3rd)

Nelson City Brass 94 (1st)

Tauranga City Brass 89 (2nd)

Te Awamutu Brass 87

Upper Hutt Brass 84

Woolston Concert Brass 88 (=3rd)


aggregate points

Levin & Districts Brass 216 

Nelson City Brass 233.5 (1st)

Tauranga City Brass 219 (3rd)

Te Awamutu Brass 215.5

Upper Hutt Brass 206.5

Woolston Concert Brass 221 (2nd)


champion band (nzbba challenge cup)

Nelson City Brass

conductor of the champion band (rnzaf wigram band trophy)

Nigel Weeks, Nelson City Brass


second place overall

Woolston Concert Brass

third place overall

Tauranga City Brass